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I would like to start off by saying, for those of you who don't know. President Gary Allen has resigned from both AT&T and CWA effective 5/24/04  Gary resigned for, personal reasons. On behalf of local 1051, I would like to thank Gary for all his hard work in making the local a success, and we wish him well.

Per Local 1051 By-Laws, the Executive Vice President, which is myself, takes over as President effective immediately.

And we have an election for a new executive vice president.

This process has begun. The election committee, which consists of Dave Allard, and Barbara Gaudreau, met and sent out nomination papers this past Friday throughout the local. If you need a paper please see the steward or DVP in your area. We will also have a section on our web page, so you can download the nomination paper and keep up on the details. If anyone has any questions at all regarding this process feel free to contact the local.  

The eboard met this past Thursday, June 3rd, followed up by a general membership meeting that night…

 The eboard discussed the new article 43, which covers merging of AT&T local service tech's, with AT&T comm. and building techs.  This new article 43 is located on our web page and we have a separate section for all article 43 issues. DVP Fran Mahr, and DVP Don O’Brien will start the process of meeting with the local techs, and management to answer any questions. 

The CWA convention is in Anaheim, Ca this year. The dates are 8/30 – 8/3. Myself, Secretary Treasurer Lisa Xavier, the newly elected EVP and DVP Don O’Brien will attend. The eboard voted for Don to attend the convention because he is handling the tech issues, and he can meet some of the players at the convention and attend some tech meetings.

One of our stewards, Anthony Richards, has been called to active duty in Irag. Anthony works in our AT&T Fairhaven office, and the Eboard voted to give Anthony a 500 dollar donation.. we will also be having a farewell gathering in fairhaven on June 14th.  If you see Anthony please wish him well .

Relay for Life is having a fund raiser car wash on June 12th. The location is the car wash on RT. 6, next to Benny';s. please get out and support this worthy cause.

Anyone who has any questions at all, please call the local or check the web page,

I would like to say I am honored to take over as President, I will give 110 percent, and am confident that with the great membership behind me we can take Local 1051 into the future.

Thanks for calling 1ocal 1051's information tape, this is President Teoli speaking…

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