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President Gary Allen:

There has been lots of talk about new offers for AT&T outside techs. First and foremost I want to advise all of our members with any questions or concerns to our web site As soon as we get information we'll get it out there as soon as possible, in most cases by the next day. There is a VTP offer that affects our Local. Right now we have 16 techs who can take VTP, the readout is as follows:

The effect on the local with the new language that's been agreed upon with it will be Article 43. LNS and web hosting is kind of a new technology that our old on site work force hasn't been getting much involved with. We could be looking at 100 new members to the local. I know that the members who have been in the same job for years don't want to hear about it. We need more information from Ralph Maly and we'll be doing some meetings around the local once we have more info.