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CWA Local 1051 Infoline


President Gary Allen:

To get caught up on the last month, at the end of February, myself, Linda Teoli and Lisa Xavier were at C&T Conference in Orlando Fl, it's Ralph Maly's once a year conference. It had probably one of greatest rallies I've ever attended on behalf of CWA. It took place in Orlando at World Summit on Outsourcing, Local 1051 led the rally,a great event by all one of the best rallies we've ever had. Video of rally C&T web site. Great job C&T!. (click here for the news article and video Also see CWA's Photos of the demonstration. A familiar face or two can be found.

As far as AT&T news it's not good news at all. CWA membership is all time low, we have less than 20,000 members nationwide, here at local 1051 we're at less than 400. Rumors for techs, building techs and all comtechs is that all will get an offer. It seems that they want to outsource all techs , stay tuned to the surpluses, but the rumor is all techs will get an offer.

As you may have heard about AT&T CEO Dave Dorman- his salary including pay, stock and other compensation was 17.5 million. He has told Ralph Maly that he doesn't project himself to be there in 18 months. He has in his contract that he'll receive 6 times his salary if AT&T is sold, the handwriting is on the wall, the effort is still to sell AT&T

Around the local, in Westford we had a big win in a grievance. Linda Teoli, Lisa Xavier and Dianne Cloutier did a great win, kudos for those three!

At Comtract we're fighting to survive. We're facing reduced head count, new management, and we're hoping company survives the next 6 months The contract has been extended for 1 year.

Lastly, at Blackbox, we've extended the contract till the end of April. Here too, the economy's tough and prices are down. The Union is fighting to hold it's ground.