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Major AT$T Announcement

AT$T announced today that it will close itís Charleston, WV CSSC and lay-off approx. 140 members in itís Fairhaven, Ma CSSC.

This is just another blow to our membership. AT$Tís inability to run the business means our members suffer.

The 140 members, will consist of 130 account reps and 10 clerical associates. The official notification is scheduled for September 21st, with an off roll date of November 19th. This is a major blow to our members and we will be here to help in any way possible.

As Local 1051 gets more information we will send it out. please feel free to contact the Local with any questions.

CWA Response to closing and surplus

CWA Cites Offshoring as AT$T Cuts 450 CWA Jobs
AT$T - Consumer Services - VTP


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News stories about the closing in Charleston

AT$T Closure to cut 275 jobs
AT$T Closing Charleston Call Center
AT$T closing Charleston call center

News stories about the surplus in Fairhaven

140 Fairhaven AT$T workers axed

Keep in mind the following article is a ANALYST not affiliated with AT$T or CWA.

AT$T will shed 7,000 jobs in consumer unit, analyst says

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