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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape, this is Monday, November 29, 2004, President Teoli speaking.

Local 1051’s Executive board met on Thursday November 19th. Followed by a General Membership meeting. Local 1051’s budget for the 2004/2005 fiscal year was passed. There were significant reductions for various line items, because of the reduction in the membership.

The Local also has additions to the Audit committee and Election committee, with the resignation of Dave Allard. Amy Almeida will replace Dave Allard on the Election Committee and Barry Parker will replace Dave Allard on the Audit Committee.

VTP/SURPLUS UPDATE: 4 Techs took the VTP, and there will be no surpluses declared. DVP Fran Maher took the VTP, but will stay on as an e-board member.

Job Claiming has taken place and will be completed by December 2nd.

The subcontracting committee met to discuss Tucker Technologies the union contractor made up of ex-members. Information is being gathered about work LNS members did that was given to Lucent.

We now have a compiled seniority list. Thanks to Don O’Brien, and the local stewards everyone should have seniority /GCA list and it should be posted in the office. If anyone has any questions please see one of the stewards.

DVP Frank Fostin’s last day was Friday November 19th. The e-board thanked him for all his hard work. DVP Bob Young will care for all Fairhaven issues. We still have approx. 200 members at the Fairhaven office, we don’t know what our future holds, but I ask that all members keep the fight alive.

DVP Larry Rizzo will be taking a leave of absence starting December 1st, the e-board voted to have John Westerland from Greenhill RI care for issues until Larry’s return.

CWA 1051 will be having a Winter Celebration on Friday December 3rd, at The Highlander in Acushnet starting at 6:30pm. If you need directions, please call 508-961-1405.

Thanks for calling Local 1051’s information Tape… Happy Holidays.