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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape, this is Friday Tuesday November 16th, 2004, President Teoli speaking.

Friday Nov 19th is the last day for our surplus workers in Fairhaven CSSC. It is a sad time for everyone, and my heart goes out to those losing their job. Local 1051 had a successful rally to protest the outsourcing of our jobs, and we wont stop fighting. To all those who are getting laid off, I want to thank you for your hard work and effort in the local. Special thanks to our DVP Frank Fostin , and stewards Jason Carvalho, Mike Brightman, Gary Almeida, Sandy Botelho, John Barkley. Thanks for all your hard work and never giving up on the fight.

There was also a surplus/VTP on the tech side. We did have some techs that took the VTP and have not heard if anyone will be getting surplus. I have contact George Ivanowsky to confirm any surplus, Don O’Brien is also working with the the stewards on getting a uniformed seniority list. DVP Fran Maher will be taking the VTP offer, his last day will be Friday the 19th.

We will be having an Eboard meeting on Thursday the 18th, followed up by an general membership meeting at the American Legion Hall on main street across from the union hall.

Local 1051 will be having a winter celebration on Dec 3rd at the Highlander in Acushnet. All members are free, and guests will be 10 dollars. If you need further info please call the hall.

That is all I have for now, I will update this tape as soon as I get more info. Thanks for calling 1051 info tape, have a great day.