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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape; this is Friday November 11, 2005 2005President Teoli speaking.

I want to start off by thanking each and every veteran for his or her dedicated service. Our own steward Anthony Richards, in our AT&T Fairhaven office just returned from 1year tour of duty in Iraq. It is certainly nice to have him home.

The election in our AT&T Fairhaven office is complete, the results are as follows:

District vice presidents:

Amy Almeida and Kellie Costa

All stewards were elected; if you want to see the entire list, please visit our web page.

The article 43-orientation rollout is underway for all techs, with the first class being the CCNT. This class is on company time. If you don’t know when you are scheduled please see a steward or DVP in your location.

AT&T bargaining is underway, with the company proposing cost shifting of retiree healthcare. The company also wants to significantly reduce Alliance funding, as well as do away with eh watermark for Article 43. This will be a tough battle, but we have won tougher ones. I ask that all AT&T members continue to show solidarity by wearing red on Thursdays, and join in any job actions in the Local. We are all in this together….

For updates on bargaining daily, please visit the web page at

Bargaining for the Town of Ayer will start again on November 22nd; we hope to get this contract settled as soon as possible. Town of Littleton is waiting for approval also. Town of Hudson will start negotiations in January.

Thanks for calling Local 1051 information tape, have a great day.