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There was a VTP and Surplus announcement on October 19th and the local was hit as follows.
GCA 60, Chicopee Ma- Network Tech. Specialist - VTP & Surplus number is 1
GCA 62 for the same title VTP & Surplus number is 3
GCA 63, Marlboro Ma.- same title VTP & Surplus number is 1
GCA 67 Providence Rhode Island- same title, VTP & Surplus number is 1
Wakefield RI- Senior Operations Clerk, VTP and Surplus is 1
GCA 73 Manchester NH. Network Tech. Specialist Grandfathered VTP & Surplus is 2

These are the numbers for the surplus and VTP. If you have any questions please see the DVP in your area or give me a call at the office

No one else really was hit. The Fairhaven CSSC wasn't hit at all. We're still going to have about 200 people after Nov. 19th.

We did have a rally on Wednesday which went very well. I want to thank everyone who attended, and took the time to come out. Jobs with Justice, Street Heat, Congressman Barney Frank came down, and the Teamsters joined in.

I would like to thank everyone for the support. We have to keep the fight going and keep the center open. We have to send a message to the company to stop the outsourcing!

That's all I have for now, please visit the webpage, as I get more information I'll update the webpage.

Thanks for calling Local 1051, have a great day.