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Thank you for calling Local 1051's information tape, this is Friday, October 15, 2004, President Teoli speaking.

There is a surplus announcement coming on Tuesday October 19th, CWA is not sure which locations/job titles will be affected, but the rumor is small business will get hit the hardest. CWA

CWA Local 1051 is planning a rally on Wednesday, October 20th from 3:30-5:30 at the Fairhaven location. We ask that all members attend the rally, even if you are losing your job, it is never too late! Let's send a message to AT&T to stop the outsourcing, save our jobs, and bring our members back to work! Family and friends are welcome, we need to keep our center open. For more information please go to

Fairhaven District Vice President Election- ballots were counted on October 12th, the results are the following. 160 balltos returned, out of which 3 were void, which leaves the total number counted as 157.

Congratulations to Bob Young! He brings knowledge and experience and will do a find job as DVP in Fairhaven. I want to thank all candidates for running and all members for voting.

Tech News:LNS

CWA had a meeting with AT&T on October 13th, to discuss issues from the locality meeting previously held. Some issues addressed were shifted tours and schedules. In attendace were AT&T manager, George Ivanoswski as well as myself, DVP Don O'Brien and Fran Maher and local stewards. The meeting went very well and most of the issues are cared for. If any member has an issue please see a steward as they will be meeting with management on a regular basis.

Thanks for calling Local 1051's information tape, have a great day.