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Thank you for calling Local 1051's information tape, this is this is Friday October 1st, 2004, President Teoli speaking.

As you know, the Local is dealing with the layoff of 140 members at our AT&T call center in Fairhaven, Ma. Last week all employees in the Fairhaven center went through workshops with AT&T Resource Center Co-Ordinator, Mary Davidson Glover. The workshops went very well and it gave important information about the VTP and ATTOP options. Next week unemployment will be holding sessions with all members.

This is a trying time for not only the members getting laid off, but for the ones remaining. No one knows what the future holds for Fairhaven, but we will not go down without a fight! I have been in contact with Senator John Kerry, Senator Kennedy and Congressman Barney Frank. They have called AT&T CEO Dave Dorman to offer any help in keeping jobs in the area. The have also written letters on our behalf. In the next couple of weeks we will be holding a rally at the AT&T fairhaven site, and urge everyone to attend. We need to bring attention to the outsourcing of our jobs. This is our country and our jobs, we need to send a message to AT&T. More details will follow.

The DVP Election in under way, ballots went out and will be counted October 12th. Nominees are Bob Young, Kellie Costa, and Monique Racine. Good luck to all!

Meeting in South Boston with techs under article 43, major problems with schedules and shifting of tours. I have contacted AT&T management , this must stop immediately. Shifting of tours is not the normal process, it is the exception. We have a meeting scheduled for October 13th with management to go over all issues from the locality meeting. I ask that all members hang in there until we can get these issues resolved.

Oct 5th is the Eboard meeting, followed up by general membership meeting at the American legion Hall, on main street in fairhaven at 7pm.

thanks for calling local 1051 information tape.