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Thursday September 16, 2004, President Teoli speaking.

There was a layoff announcement in our AT&T Fairhaven CSSC, on Monday Sept. 13th. The union was notified that 140 people would be laid off effective Nov 19. 130 Account Reps and 10 Clerical. This was a shock to the union and the members. It is another take back from our members because of the poor business decision of AT$T's board. The company also announced the closing of the Charleston, WV CSSC, which employs approx. 275 members. The members in Charleston do have bumping rights to Fairhaven, because we are in the same Force Adjustent Region(FAR).

There is a lot of confusion and anxiety amongst the members, not knowing what their fate will be. We are working with rapid response coordinator, and will be having unemployment workshops as well as career seminars beginning on Oct 6th. All members will be attending. We will also be having workshops with Mary Davidson Glover, AT&T Resource Coordinator, who will be explaining different AT&T options programs. This is scheduled for tentatively the last week of September.

I know this is a stressful time for all members in Fairhaven, but we will be here to help in any way we can.

There will be an Eboard Meeting. on Oct 5th., followed by a General Membership at the American Legion Hall on Main Street in Fairhaven, across from the union hall beginning at 7pm.

On Sept 21st, we will be having a locality meeting with the techs in Boston. This will be at the Knights of Columbus hall , 210 Old Colony Ave. South Boston 5:30-7:30pm. Any tech who wants to attend, please do so.

The election for DVP in Fairhaven , CSSC scheduled to be completed by Oct 12th. If you are interested in running,nomination papers are due by Monday Sept. 20th.

As we get more info we will keep you posted.

Thanks for calling 1051's information tape, have a great day.