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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape; this is Thursday September 8, 2005, President Teoli speaking.

Newly elected officers got elected at the CWA convention this week. Larry Cohen got elected as President , Jeff Rechenbach, EVP, and Barbara Easterling as Secretary Treasurer. We look forward to the future knowing these are our leaders. Ralph Maly was reelected as C&T vice president, as well as Chris Shelton VP of District One. Congratulation to all.

We also elected the AT&T bargaining team. We had a bargaining council meeting on Thursday, Sept 1. There we reviewed the numerous bargaining demand, as well as our approach to bargaining. I am confidant this team will do an excellent job for our members.

Article 43 certification process will begin in our Local. I have a meeting set up on sept 27, with AT&T and CWA as well as Alliance. We will get a two hour overview of the process, then it will be presented to the members. I know you have been waiting for this, and I am happy to say it is finally taken place.

Local elections will begin in early October, if you are interested in running and have any questions, please call me directly . As always any questions or concerns, please call the Local.

Thanks for calling Local 1051ís information tape, Have a great day.