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Thank you for calling Local 1051's information tape, this is Tuesday, Sept 7th, President Teoli speaking.

Fairhaven Members Only.

The election committee has the nomination papers for District Vice President in our Fairhaven AT&T CSSC. If you are interested in running for this position please see a member of the election committee. Amy Almeida or Barbara Gaudreau.

Nomination papers are due by Sept. 20.


AT&T continues its take backs from members, pulling out of Pay For Performance program in the CSSC's. This is a significant loss for our members who meet the requirements. CWA national will be meeting with the company on Sept 13th, and this will be discussed. No new news in the consumer end as members just sit back and wait to hear the fate of their office. AT&T doesn't even have a game plan yet, so who knows when members will hear anything.

AT&T Tech side- The variable workforce is in the process, as soon as CWA national gets more info on this, they will send to all local presidents. I will then forward to the DVP's.

Myself, Secretary Treasurer Xavier and DVP O'Brien returned from the CWA convention last week. RECLAIMING AMERICA was the theme of the convention. I can't stress how important this coming election will be not only for CWA but all unions. All members need to vote, let your voices be heard. We need John Kerry in the White House.

We will be having an Eboard meeting and general membership meeting in the next month. This will be to pass the local's budget and also bring members up to date on other issues. Ss soon as we have a date we will post it so stay tuned.

Thanks for calling, have a great day.