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Thank you for calling Local 1051's information tape, this is Thursday August 19th, President Teoli speaking,

the results are in for special election for EVP. Out of 232 ballots that were recieved 4 were void which leaves total number counted as 228. Julie Marks recieved 145 votes, and Robert Young recieved 83 so Julie Marks is our new Executive Vice President. I'd like to congratulate Julie and I'm sure she'll add value to the local. She's done an excellent job in Fairhaven and personally I look forward to working with her as EVP. There will be a 10 day certification period after which she'll be sworn in as Executive Vice President. Julie was District Vice President in our Fairhaven AT&T site, so there will be an election for DVP in the Fairhaven site, more details will come out on that election in the next couple of weeks.

Don O'Brien, myself and Lisa Xavier will be attending the CWA convention next Friday in Anahiem CA. So I'd like to ask any techs who have questions about Article 43 to get your questions to Don. Hopefully we can get some answers at the ad hoc meeting next saturday on August 28th. There also suppsoed to be the actual agreement coming out on the variable workforce agreement coming out between the company and CWA. Hopefully we'll get a lot of questions answered, hopefully i say, but we know how that works. We're going to do our best trying to get our questions answered at the convention.

On the AT&T side of the house, at the CSSC in Fairhaven we did have 3 people in the Fairhaven site that might be vunerable for bumping rights. Those people have been told, because there was an office of account reps that closed in NJ. Out of 10 people 7 have bumping rights in Charleston and 3 have bumping rights in Fairhaven. We should be hearing more on that by Sept. 1st, that's when the people have to make a decison whether they want to bump or not.

I know things have been hectic in the CSSC enviornment lately, but I ask everyone to please be patient as we get information we'll get it out to you. If you have any questions please call the local or see a steward. Hopefully we'll be have a localty meeting for the Fairhaven CSSC side of the house to go over any issues about bumping rights, surplus, whatever needs to be discussed.

So please visit the web page, keep calling the local and we'll keep you updated whenever we get info.