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This isTuesday August 3rd, President Teoli speaking.

The election committee sent out the ballots today for Executive Vice President run off election.. Candidates are Julie Marks and Bob Young. Ballots need to be returned by August 18th, and they will be counted August 19th. If you haven’t received your ballot by August 10th, please contact Barbara gaudreau at 508-997-7276.

I urge all members to vote, make your voice heard…

No new news regarding the major announcement from AT&T to get out of the consumer business. There was a VTP announcement effective august 3rd, in consumer and business, however our local was not affected. CWA has tried to get more specific information from AT&T, however the company states they don't have any news as of yet. AT&T says by mid August/September they should know more as to how occupational people across the country will be affected. Any member in our Fairhaven CSSC, please be patient, as we get info we will get it out to you.

There is an District organizing meeting in Lynn, mass on Thursday August 12, that I will be attending. Hopefully the district has a great game plan ready to bring more people into the bargaining unit.

If anyone has any leads, feel free to contact the local.

All 39 LNS members have signed union cards. DVPs Don O’Brien and Fran Maher have done a great job meeting with everyone. I would like to thank each of them for their hard work. In the coming months, we will be having a meeting/orientation with all LNS members.

The CWA convention is in Anaheim, Ca. this year. The dates are August 27-September 1st. Myself, Secretary Treasurer Lisa Xavier, and DVP Don O’Brien will attend. Hopefully at this convention we will get some answers on the tech issues with article 43, as well as the AT&T consumer side, mainly will we have jobs?

CWA has endorsed Senator John Kerry for President, and I urge all members to get out and vote in the upcoming election!