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Thank you for calling Local 1051's information tape, this is Thursday, July 22nd, President Teoli speaking

The election committee has counted the ballots today for the Executive Vice President election. 267 ballots were returned, out of which 6 were void, which leaves the total number counted at 261. The results are as follows:

Julie Ann Marks 108
Robert Young 59
Jason Carvalho 32
Fran Maher 27
Gary Almeida 19
John Barkley 16

There's a 10 day certification period, then the ballots will go out for a runoff election for the top two candidates, which are Julie Marks and Robert Young. I want to thank all candidates for running as well as all members for voting.

There was a major announcement from AT&T today, stating that the company will no longer sell to new AT&T Residential customers. Dave Dorman, head of AT&T stated that the company will continue to service existing residential and business customers, but we won't be going after new residential customers. He also stated that there will be a forced reduction. CWA has not heard yet what this means for the Fairhaven site. Joan Cappucio has stated it is Business as Usual. The positive part of this is that AT&T has numerous external centers that they could eliminate before they go to internal sites. As we get more information we will keep you updated.

In the tech side of the house, DVP's Don O'Brien and Fran Maher have visited almost all of the AT&T LNS locations and everyone visited has signed membership cards. We know there are questions concerning GCA's and Locations, and this is being worked at a national level. Once this office has received the information we will pass it out to all tech's. Please be patient as this is being done across the country at a national level.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact the local.