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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape, this is Tuesday June 29th, President Teoli speaking.

Ballots for Executive vice president will go out on Tuesday, july 6th. The candidates on the ballot are as follows--Gary Almeida, Julie Marks, John Barkley, Jason Carvalho, Fran Maher and Bob Young. Ballots must be returned by Wednesday, July 21st. they will be picked up at the po box, and counted at the local office on thur july 22nd. If you have not received a ballot by july 12, please call election chairman, Barbara Gaudrea at 508-997-7276

The eboard held a conference call today to discuss the realignment of the districts. Per the local by-laws, Article VII, section 1, (F), a majority vote of the E-board shall determine any change or additions to the districts.

With DVP Bill McCloud, who was responsible for the Western, Ma. region resigning the eboard voted unanimously to moved the Springfield location over to DVP Larry Rizzo. There are only 4 tech's in the western, Ma location and the eboard felt that Larry could handle this responsibility. Therefore there will be no replacement for Bill McCloud. Larry will also pick up the new LNS (Local Network Service) tech's in Providence and Foxborough.

Boston Metro- DVP' Don O'Brien will be responsible for the LNS (Local Network Service) tech's in the Boston Metro area. He will receive help from DVP Fran Maher when needed.

The 3rd quarter surplus for AT&T techs; has been moved to 8/3/04, due to the implementation of article 43.

CWA Relay For Life held it's walk this past weekend, they raised over $6,000 and it was a great success! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause. Special thanks to Barbara Gaudreau , Team Leader! For CWA.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy fourth of July………………

Thanks for calling Local 1051's information tape….