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CWA Local 1051 Infoline

Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape; this is Tuesday April 26th, President Teoli speaking.

The election committee counted the ballots today for the special election for DVP in Fairhaven, the results are as follows:

126 ballots received, out of which 2 were void, which leaves the total number counted 124.

I would like to thank all candidates for running, and congratulations to Dave Silva our new DVP.

AT&T bargaining demands surveys will be passed out to all members, I asked that no one fill them out online, please fill out a hard copy and return to your steward or DVP.. We ask this so the local can compile all responses and rank them. We will then forward to National. If you donít receive a survey please contact the hall. All responses are due back by May 17th.

SBC CEO Ed Whitacre has made an agreement with CWA that former laid off AT&T members will get first preference on being rehired. This is a great first step by SBC.

CWA Executive Board will meet on Tuesday, May 10th. We will have a General membership meeting on May 18th, at the American legion hall, Main Street Fairhaven. 7pm-9pm.

CWA Paint Your Heart Out is scheduled for Saturday June 11th, with a rain date of Saturday June 18th. Anyone interested please call the Local or see Monique Racine.

CWA Relay for Life is registering for this yearís event, if you are interested please contact team leader Barbara Gaudreau.

As always any questions or concerns, please call the Local .

Thanks for calling Local 1051ís information tape, Have a great day.