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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape. This is Tuesday April19th, President Teoli speaking.

Well today was the AT&T surplus announcement, 570 members are affected. There are a variety of different titles that were included such as Customer sales and service rep, clerical, network tech specialist etc. Once again our hearts go out to all those who will be losing there jobs.

No one from our Local was affected with this surplus declaration, however there was a VTP for one (1) Network Tech specialist in Providence. We can breathe a little easier now, but not for long, the next surplus announcement is scheduled for July. I hope AT&T realizes how our members have to live their lives…. waiting and waiting for their turn to come. Then they wonder why we are stressed out.

CWA Paint Your Heart Out is scheduled for Saturday June 11th, with a rain date of Saturday June 18th. Anyone interested please call the Local or see Monique Racine.

CWA Relay for Life is registering for this year’s event, if you are interested please contact team leader Barbara Gaudreau.

As always any questions or concerns, please call the Local.

Thanks for calling Local 1051’s information tape, Have a great day.