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Well today is the day that all our brothers/sisters from across the country will be laid off, our hearts go out to them and wish them the best of luck. It is pretty sad that our members are getting the axe, while they are still hiring in outsource centers. When will the madness end??? With the SBC merger, word is that AT&7amp;T will continue with itís downsizing and outsourcing plans. CWA is trying to get some job protection for our members thru the merger, with little or no luck. Meanwhile, Dave Dorman is negotiating his lucrative package with SBC. When will the madness end, your guess is as good as mine.

AT&T bargaining team is will be elected at this yearís convention there will be 5 members on this team. The positions will be:

(1)Plant (1) Marketing, (1) Administrative and (2) At large

There are no specific dates/times as of yet, but will keep you updated.

Special Election for DVP in Fairhaven is running, nomination period ends March 29th, so there are still a few days left for anyone interested.

CWA Paint Your Heart Out is scheduled for Saturday June 11th, with a rain date of Saturday June 18th. Anyone interested please call the Local.

CWA Relay for Life is registering for this yearís event, if you are interested please contact the local.