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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape; this is Tuesday February 21, 2006, 2006, President Teoli speaking.

AT&T announced they will be closing the Fairhaven center today. The official date of the closing is April 21st. 185 members will be laid off, but the company is giving everyone an option to move to El Paso Texas. That is only 2000 miles away. I am very upset with this announcement, as everyone is, because the center was right on with all of its objectives. We were doing a great job. They could easily close the centers in INDIA or the other outsource centers and keep us open, but choose not to.

I am looking into SBC in CT, to try and get some jobs there as well as other centers, but this whole surplus process is a fiasco, between what the company is saying to our members and what we are saying.

I will have meeting in the Fairhaven office all next week with Mary Davidson Glover to roll out the ATTOP options, as well as Unemployment to go over you benefits. I know this is a trying time for everyone, but we will get through it.

As I get more info I will roll it out to everyone. I know people have a ton of questions, but please be patient, attend all the meetings and if your questions are not answered then feel free to see a DVP or Officer.

Thank you for calling Local 1051ís information tape, have a great day.