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Thank you for calling Local 1051's information tape. This is Thursday February 3rd, President Teoli speaking.

I know with the announcement of SBC purchasing AT&T, there are numerous questions. I don’t have any answers as of yet. I know the whole process will take at least a year if not longer. It will be business as usual for both companies, AT&T will continue with their layoff plans and so will SBC. Our contract with AT&T is up in December; we will go into bargaining this fall. CWA represents around 10,000 AT&T workers, and approx 90,000 SBC workers, which is good for us. Morty Bahr, CWA President has come out with a positive statement on the merger, depending on jobs for our members. As soon as I get more information, I will get it out to everyone.

There will be an Executive Board meeting February 10th, followed by an General Membership meeting at the VFW hall on Middle street, starting at 7pm. Pizza will be served.

The Town of Westford and Ayer both have bargaining coming up this spring.

We had a grievance in Boston regarding vacation canvassing, which was settled, in our favor. Great job Skip Manning and Don O’Brien.

If anyone has any questions please contact the Local.

Thanks for calling Local 1051’s information tape.

Have a great Day

Linda Teoli