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Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape; this is Friday January 20th, 2006, President Teoli speaking.

AT&T contract ratification vote is complete, with a 95% approval. The localís vote was 141 yes, and 16 no, that wasa 90% approval. If anyone has any questions regarding the contract, please call the hall or see a steward or DVP.

I would like to personally thank all the members, stewards and DVPís for standing strong and united.

The first executive board meeting of 2006, will take place on Thursday 2/16. Followed up by a General Membership meeting that night. The meeting will take place at the union hall , 59 Main Street, Fairhaven.

Around the Local. We are still waiting to settle The Town of Ayerís contract, hopefully this will be done I the next month. The Town of Hudson will began bargaining for their contract within the next month.

As always if you have any questions, please call the local.

Thank you for calling Local 1051ís information tape, have a great day.