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CWA Local 1051 Infoline


Thank you for calling local 1051's information tape, this is Tuesday January 5, 2005 President Teoli speaking.

Well with the start of the New Year comes another layoff announcement for AT&&T. January 25th is the date the company will add another blow to our members. I have not heard any rumors as to what office will be hit, but as soon as the union knows we will get the info to the membership.

The audit committee: Barbara Gaudreau and Barry Parker will be holding an audit on Friday, January 7th. As per the eboard request the audits will continue quarterly after that.

Anyone who is part of the 140 people who got laid off on 11/19 and needs representation at an unemployment hearing, please call the local. DVP Bob Young and myself have gone to hearings and have gotten a positive ruling for the members.

We have a full plate this year with numerous contracts coming up for bargaining. Town of Westford has already started compiling bargaining surveys, and hopes to start negotiations some time in March.

The C&T conference is the end of January and will be held in Palm Springs California, none form the local will be attending, however I will get a full report from the other Presidents. The local is trying to save money and this conference would be an expensive one.

As always, if anyone has a question or problem please call the local at 508.961.1405.

Thanks for calling local 1051ís information tape, have a great day.